Busy people from amazing companies are using AVirtual personal assistants every day.

Give your virtual personal assistant your to-do list and get on with the important things in life

It’s about having the time to focus on the big picture, in life and work. Get started by having your virtual personal assistant set up meetings, research and book travel and pay bills. They can help remind you of that important call, deal with customer service companies and research new projects. AVirtual PAs are of the very best calibre. We have personally handpicked, interviewed and identity checked every virtual personal assistant, who all work in our headquarters ensuring the highest quality and integrity.


With an AVirtual personal assistant you

have no fixed salaries, no recruitment

headaches, no problem

They say

Build a long term, deep, personal relationship

with your assistant through our unique

monthly membership system.


Our personal assistants are full-time employees, NOT freelancers

We hire the very best. Only 1% of applicants make the final cut. We personally meet and vet every single applicant who all work in our office headquarters. Successful AVirtual PAs have to undertake a thorough, multi-levelled vetting process that tests everything from technical and communication skills to creativity and resourcefulness.

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Busy people from amazing companies are using AVirtual

personal assistants to add balance to their lives