AVirtual in collaboration with Credo Growth webinar series

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Exclusive Collaboration

  • Helene Smuts: Licensed personality profiler and industry leader in the coaching and development of high-performance corporate teams.

3 Webinars, 2 experts, 1 objective

  • Transitioning to remote teams (45 minutes)(transitioning, logistics, challenges, addressing the challenges,
    recruitment & retention)

    8th July – 09.30 BST

  • Remote working best practice and team management (45 minutes)(rules of engagement, remote team management, best tools & tips, productivity tips)

    15th July – 09.30 BST

  • Creating and maintaining a healthy company culture (45 minutes)(sticking to company values, engagement, leadership,

    22nd July – 09.30 BST


To take you through how to manage and meaningfully contribute to the success of high functioning remote teams. Taught through a non-micro managerial and trust based framework.

What we ask of you:

We are not charging for these webinars. We do ask that instead you make a small donation to Age UK, a charity helping underprivileged elderly people in desperate need. Make a donation

About Helene
& Credo Growth

Helene is a licensed personality profiler and industry leader in the development of high performance teams. She is the founder and CEO of Credo Growth, which provides corporate coaching and development for both teams and individuals to facilitate excellence within the workplace. She specialises in leadership and team development, with a strong focus on personality dynamics. Helene has an academic background in Industrial Psychology as well as years of experience running her successful business. She has worked with clients across Europe, North and South America, Canada and South Africa.