How not to Procrastinate as an Entrepreneur

Procrastination. We’re all experts at it. As an entrepreneur, you more than likely wake up in the morning contemplating all the tasks that need attention in the ten or so hours ahead. Or better yet, you’re one with your pillow after a fast paced, action packed day and not only are you running all those […]

How to work with a part time personal assistant

Hiring a full time, in-house personal assistant is a job in itself. There’s the lengthy recruitment process (time and money), the office space (more money), the constant management (time and money), the annual salary (money, money) and a constant flow of work to delegate, because if you’re not delegating you’re paying for someone to sit […]

How your AVirtual PA can help with recruitment

Hiring a reliable and skilled team of professionals is absolutely essential to business success. The more your company grows, the less time you’ll have to keep an eye on what your employees are doing. You need to trust them to do their job in your absence, to take the initiative when needed and to work […]

Top Eight Work-Life Balance Hacks

Achieving that coveted work life balance may seem an exercise in futility. Hang in there though. Don’t think about work-life balance as a magic formula geared toward getting everything you want. We’re only human and there is always give and take. Work-life balance is working to manage all the activities and relationships in your life on a daily basis so […]