What Is an Online Concierge Service and When Do I Need It?

When most people think of a concierge, they think of a high-end luxury hotel whose front-desk concierge service assists guests by booking tours, buying theatre or concert tickets, giving directions, offering advice and securing restaurant reservations. A concierge is someone who helps guests (or residents) arrange things like tickets, tours or gifts. Concierges have years […]

6 core reasons why property professionals should outsource to a virtual assistant

Property professionals  struggle to maintain consistent levels of productivity and efficiency when they are spending a substantial portion of their time with general management and other tasks that are better suited for a personal assistant. Hiring an in-house PA or doing the work yourself isn’t cost effective and significantly affects the growth of your business. […]

AVirtual’s Top tips for Virtual Team Building

Virtual team building is becoming more of a necessity for both startup entrepreneurs and SME’s. The paradox associated with the modern world is that as we become more physically disconnected, technology continues to afford us the opportunity of limitless connection within the digital realm. Many startup entrepreneurs and SME’s are beginning to realise this as […]

How to master the art of delegation

All the best leaders know how to delegate. They understand that their skills and time are limited so rather than fighting against it, they work with it. They play to their strengths and the expertise of their employees to optimise productivity. But it’s easier said than done. Most of us, to a degree, fear letting […]

How your virtual assistant can make your personal life easier

Most professionals work at least five days a week for an average (on paper) of 8 hours a day, which in reality is much closer to 9 or 10. That leaves very little room for personal life management. The way it tends to go is the more you focus on your career, the more your […]

How your AVirtual PA can help with recruitment

Hiring a reliable and skilled team of professionals is absolutely essential to business success. The more your company grows, the less time you’ll have to keep an eye on what your employees are doing. You need to trust them to do their job in your absence, to take the initiative when needed and to work […]

Yes, You Can and SHOULD Grow a Business Using Virtual Employees

I recently had lunch with a friend who is still struggling to hire a new employee. He’d finally extended an offer to a candidate, after a month of research, interviews and a trial, only to be turned down by the candidate. She had received a better offer elsewhere. Naturally I asked him why not go […]

Top Ten most Useful Tools for Start Ups and SME’s in the UK

Corkscrew, an EU funded start up school recently published a list of the Top Ten most Useful Tools for Start Ups and SME’s in the UK There are some amazing tools in here and we at AVirtual are proud to be one of them. Have a read and if you have any more please send […]

How to get the most out of your AVirtual Online Personal Assistant

  This blog post is a summary of a PDF we send to all our new clients on how they can get the most value from their online PA. It contains some great tips and best practices for working with a virtual PA.   Establishing and growing the relationship   Your virtual PA is your […]

Interview with Neil Finnie, Founder of Corkscrew

Interview with Neil Finnie, Founder of Corkscrew www.corkscrew.io , Exeter, United Kingdom   1. Tell us a bit about yourself I love helping young people realize their potential and I love the startup world so founding an organization that combines both these things was a dream for me. Corkscrew is funded by the EU and […]