How virtual assistants can support women in business

Women-owned businesses are on the rise. Currently, around 32% of UK businesses are owned by women. This represents a massive shift as only 17% of business founders were female in 2016. On one hand, being a female entrepreneur comes with a whole unique set of challenges. There may come a time when it becomes impossible […]

Virtual Assistant Spotlight: Yvette Barry

Work on your business, not in your business. This is the best advice one of our virtual assistants, Yvette Barry, can give to entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur herself, Yvette knows the struggles of trying to run a business and doing it all yourself. “Don’t let the joy that you started out with be robbed by […]

Asking For Help When You Need It: How To Hire People Temporarily

We know that as a business owner it can be difficult to ask for help. It may feel like you’re admitting defeat or that you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur. The truth, however, is quite the opposite. Effective entrepreneurs know when to ask for help, even if it means hiring someone temporarily to […]

Client Profile: How we have helped them take their time back – Nefeli Sidiropoulou

Remembering to attend the kid’s recital, meet with investors, book a well-deserved holiday, and meet client deadlines can seem like a near-impossible task if you are an entrepreneur. You want your business to grow, while at the same time, you don’t want to neglect your personal commitments. Our featured client, Nefeli Sidiropoulou, is a mother, […]

6 ways your virtual PA can make this the best Christmas ever

With Christmas just round the corner, it’s time to really kick into full festive mode. Easier said than done when your to do list is not even nearly complete, there’s a huge stack of christmas cards on your desk that you should have sent out to client weeks ago and plans to be made for […]

Five Ways To Save Money When Starting a Business

The prospect of developing a business that is your own and that you believe in is exhilarating as well as daunting. Most small businesses, however, never really get a chance to take off because of extortionate overheads, rental costs, and salaries, all before a profit is made! Don’t be deterred by this though, because, as […]

Artificial intelligence VS Virtual Assistance

The world is changing constantly with all the new technology being introduced that is easy to get confused with the terms bot, chatbot and virtual assistant. Are they the same thing? If not what are the differences, you may ask? Well, we have gone to the liberty of dissecting these terms to provide you with […]

One on One with Streetcar Founder – Andrew Valentine

Avirtual has had the privilege of working with very successful founders and entrepreneurs for many years now. Our virtual assistants have delivered the best service to ensure that work was delivered efficiently, alleviating the plight of the top-notch entrepreneurs that have used our services. One of these entrepreneurs happens to be Andrew Valentine. Andrew Valentine […]

How Buying Time Can Promote Happiness

Remember that saying that money can’t buy you happiness? Well, research is challenging that perhaps it actually can. As time becomes more valuable, many professionals are buying their time back from outsourcing services. The University of British Columbia and Harvard business school recently led a study that suggests that by using money to buy time, […]

Meet one of our Virtual EA’s: Chloë Smedy

Full name: Chloë Smedy Location: Cape Town An Executive Assistant role is often overlooked by entrepreneurs, as many do not realise the nitty-gritty takes a lot of time – time that could be executed elsewhere. Executive Assistants complement many of the weaknesses you may face, thus being an integral part of the team. Our skilled […]