Artificial intelligence VS Virtual Assistance

The world is changing constantly with all the new technology being introduced that is easy to get confused with the terms bot, chatbot and virtual assistant. Are they the same thing? If not what are the differences, you may ask? Well, we have gone to the liberty of dissecting these terms to provide you with […]

Meet one of our Virtual Assistants: Raees Abrahams

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you may be faced with a cash flow dilemma that may restrict you from getting the help you desperately need. You may not even have the time and resources to be able to hire an additional employee, however, many successful businesses can vouch that hiring a Virtual Assistant […]

The Delegation Conundrum

Overwhelmed? Recognising how delegation may restore your strategic perspective Crunched and overloaded? Desperately trying to get back on top of things? Delegating may be your next best move. Free up your time whilst potentially enhancing employee satisfaction. It seems like a win-win situation. However, how can we possibly contemplate delegation when we are stretched too thin in […]