What to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

The real question you should be asking is, “what can’t you outsource to a virtual assistant?” At AVirtual, we tend to always say that the only thing your virtual personal assistant cannot do, is to bring your coffee! However, that is somewhat true, as they could order you a cuppa and send it to your […]

How to Work With a Remote Personal Assistant

You may find it a little daunting to hire a virtual personal assistant as you may not know how to manage a remote worker. However, as virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular for small business owners, you will find that it is actually quite simple to manage a virtual assistant. Technology has allowed for more […]

Meet one of our Virtual Assistants: Raees Abrahams

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you may be faced with a cash flow dilemma that may restrict you from getting the help you desperately need. You may not even have the time and resources to be able to hire an additional employee, however, many successful businesses can vouch that hiring a Virtual Assistant […]

Raising Capital as a Small Business

When thinking about starting your business, you may be faced with the question of “how will I raise capital?” – because entrepreneurship has become increasingly popular, you, as a small business owner is forced to think out-of-the-box when it comes to financing your business. Even though small businesses have been the driver of job creation, […]

Grow your business in a co-working space

Written by: Kate Tattersfield, Copywriter at searchofficespace.com If you employ a VA or are thinking of doing so, you probably value efficiency and flexibility, particularly when it comes to running your business. If this is indeed the case, have you ever considered moving your business into a coworking space? Until relatively recently, if a business wanted to […]

Stay productive while working remotely

Staying productive while working remotely is becoming increasingly important. The interconnected nature of the digital world has seen an increase in various organisations allowing their employees the flexibility to work remotely. With many young millennials ambitiously launching their business ideas into the world, majority of them also prefer the ease of working remotely, on the […]

Marc Crouch shares his experience working with AVirtual

Name: Marc Crouch Company: Firedrop Location: London, UK Website: https://firedrop.ai/   What does your business do? We are using artificial intelligence to automatically build, manage and promote websites for small business owners.   What is the most important thing to keep track of in business and why? Cashflow, plain and simple. Without cash, the business dies […]