The Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Online PAs

Working as Online PAs, we are always looking for tools to enhance our efficiency. Juggling multiple clients and various tasks on a daily basis, why not make sure you are the most productive you can possibly be? If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that sharing is caring. By giving you an insight into the […]

How Becoming a Virtual Personal Assistant can Shape your Life and Lifestyle

The world of virtual assistance can be daunting to those who are accustomed to the structure of the traditional business world. If you’re used to office culture and teamwork, becoming a VA might be a step in a completely different direction. But we are here to shed some light on the fantastic benefits of being […]

How to Manage your Clients’ Expectations

At AVirtual we like to say that the only tasks you can’t do for your client is make them a cup of coffee. Thanks to so many great online tools, working as a virtual PA is easier than it’s ever been. Files are easy to access in the Cloud and your client is only an […]

How to Build a Positive Relationship with your Virtual Assistant

So, you have just hired a virtual assistant and are excited about the prospect of freeing up some valuable time to focus on the direction of your business. Now comes the important part: building the best relationship possible with your virtual assistant, to achieve the best results. Not sure where to start? We have rounded […]

How a Virtual Assistant can Help your Law Firm

Life as a lawyer never seems to stop. The glamour and drama of TV shows like Suits and Boston Legal make many people think that courtroom glory and slick designer suits are the order of the day. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Hard work and long hours are standard for most lawyers […]

The Many Benefits of Hiring an Online PA

Dreaming of clearing your to-do list? That is all possible when you hire an Online PA. Not having enough time in the day is what many often use as an excuse as to why things just can’t get done. However, there are so many ways that technology has allowed for all business owners whether small […]

How to Work With a Remote Personal Assistant

You may find it a little daunting to hire a virtual personal assistant as you may not know how to manage a remote worker. However, as virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular for small business owners, you will find that it is actually quite simple to manage a virtual assistant. Technology has allowed for more […]

Top Productivity Apps for Property Professionals

Property professionals face a variety of challenges that hinder productivity and efficiency in pursuit of closing sales. Sometimes it’s a matter of forgetfulness, finding a place to store important documents and business cards, or staying up to-date with the latest property trends. These challenges significantly decrease the productivity and efficiency of property professionals. We look […]

6 core reasons why property professionals should outsource to a virtual assistant

Property professionals  struggle to maintain consistent levels of productivity and efficiency when they are spending a substantial portion of their time with general management and other tasks that are better suited for a personal assistant. Hiring an in-house PA or doing the work yourself isn’t cost effective and significantly affects the growth of your business. […]

AVirtual’s Top tips for Virtual Team Building

Virtual team building is becoming more of a necessity for both startup entrepreneurs and SME’s. The paradox associated with the modern world is that as we become more physically disconnected, technology continues to afford us the opportunity of limitless connection within the digital realm. Many startup entrepreneurs and SME’s are beginning to realise this as […]