What Is an Online Concierge Service and When Do I Need It?

When most people think of a concierge, they think of a high-end luxury hotel whose front-desk concierge service assists guests by booking tours, buying theatre or concert tickets, giving directions, offering advice and securing restaurant reservations. A concierge is someone who helps guests (or residents) arrange things like tickets, tours or gifts. Concierges have years […]

Client Profile: How we have helped them take their time back – Nefeli Sidiropoulou

Remembering to attend the kid’s recital, meet with investors, book a well-deserved holiday, and meet client deadlines can seem like a near-impossible task if you are an entrepreneur. You want your business to grow, while at the same time, you don’t want to neglect your personal commitments. Our featured client, Nefeli Sidiropoulou, is a mother, […]

How Becoming a Virtual Personal Assistant can Shape your Life and Lifestyle

The world of virtual assistance can be daunting to those who are accustomed to the structure of the traditional business world. If you’re used to office culture and teamwork, becoming a VA might be a step in a completely different direction. But we are here to shed some light on the fantastic benefits of being […]

Artificial intelligence VS Virtual Assistance

The world is changing constantly with all the new technology being introduced that is easy to get confused with the terms bot, chatbot and virtual assistant. Are they the same thing? If not what are the differences, you may ask? Well, we have gone to the liberty of dissecting these terms to provide you with […]

Meet one of our Virtual Personal Assistants: Bronwyn Versfeld

Hiring a virtual personal assistant is the single most beneficial thing to do as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Not only do they shave hours off your work week, but virtual assistants have the expertise to tackle those goring tasks at a much lower rate. Our team of virtual assistants are highly professional and […]

Top 10 Tools for Working with a Virtual Assistant

When hiring a virtual assistant, you must start using various tools to both maintain as well as take your business to the next level. There is little, if any point on having to collaborate constantly with your virtual assistant, as this ends up taking more of your time than before, thus various tools can come […]

Meet one of our Virtual PA’s: Carrie Hickman

Having a Virtual PA in the modern day is a no-brainer. In this day and age, overheads can be very high already so, why hire in a permanent PA that needs equipment when you can just hire a Virtual PA on a contract basis? They come with their own setup already and there is no office […]

6 ways law firms can outsource to a virtual PA

You train to be a lawyer to practise law, not to sit at your desk doing administration. A virtual assistant can massively help to reduce your personal workload and give you more time to concentrate on the really important stuff. Plus it’s more cost effective than an in-house personal assistant as you can pay by […]