How to run a successful virtual business

While the global pandemic changed many things, perhaps one of the biggest shifts we’ve seen as a result is the rise of fully remote businesses. While what felt like endless lockdowns had most of the UK workforce working from home, many companies have chosen to stay remote post-Covid. Let’s look at some remote working statistics: […]

Lessons in business from the world’s most successful founders

Have you ever heard the saying that hindsight is 20/20? The great thing about learning from leaders who have come before us is that they can look back on their experiences in hindsight and share what worked and what didn’t so we can (hopefully) learn from their mistakes. As entrepreneurs, it’s often difficult to know […]

A practical guide to working with a virtual assistant

Delegating is difficult. As a small or medium-sized business owner, you may find it tempting to try to do everything yourself. However, not only is this not sustainable, but it’s also not the smartest way to run your business. Enter virtual assistants – a valuable resource for any small business to tap into. Anytime someone […]

2022 sales trends you need to know about

Regardless of what you’re selling, whether your product, service or time, knowing how to sell it is essential to every business. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. From finance to eCommerce, the ability to sell applies to any sector. While over one million people in the UK work in sales, we are all technically […]

17 Tasks You Can Delegate Right Now

Are you trying to do it all? That’s a mistake. As an entrepreneur, there are two main reasons you should be delegating. Firstly, you simply can’t do everything within your business – it will limit your growth potential. If you try to do everything then your business (and life) will always be governed by the […]

Why Should Entrepreneurs Pick up Meditation?

Rising in popularity in recent years, ‘meditation’ and mindfulness seem to be the new buzzwords bouncing around on social media. As the number of people living the modern fast-paced city life, stress levels are rising. When not addressed and managed properly, stress can affect efficiency, productivity and focus as well as mental health more broadly.   For entrepreneurs in particular, taking on the brunt of a business on […]

Raising Capital as a Small Business

When thinking about starting your business, you may be faced with the question of “how will I raise capital?” – because entrepreneurship has become increasingly popular, you, as a small business owner is forced to think out-of-the-box when it comes to financing your business. Even though small businesses have been the driver of job creation, […]

How not to Procrastinate as an Entrepreneur

Procrastination. We’re all experts at it. As an entrepreneur, you more than likely wake up in the morning contemplating all the tasks that need attention in the ten or so hours ahead. Or better yet, you’re one with your pillow after a fast paced, action packed day and not only are you running all those […]

Want to be successful? Stop trying to go it alone.

Henry Walton became an entrepreneur more than two decades ago—before things such asShark Tank, Etsy and Uber existed. He founded Global Vision International, a volunteer-abroad company, as well as several other businesses. His biggest ongoing struggle was feeling alone on his journey. In 2014 he had planned to take a year off to spend time […]