Top Ten Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance

Maintaining good work-life balance while growing your business should be a priority, not just a dream. While it may seem difficult for business owners to do this, it is certainly not impossible. Strike the right work-life balance with these top ten tips Prioritise your time Your time is your most valuable resource, take a close […]

How a Virtual Assistant can Help your Law Firm

Life as a lawyer never seems to stop. The glamour and drama of TV shows like Suits and Boston Legal make many people think that courtroom glory and slick designer suits are the order of the day. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Hard work and long hours are standard for most lawyers […]

What to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

The real question you should be asking is, “what can’t you outsource to a virtual assistant?” At AVirtual, we tend to always say that the only thing your virtual personal assistant cannot do, is to bring your coffee! However, that is somewhat true, as they could order you a cuppa and send it to your […]

6 core reasons why property professionals should outsource to a virtual assistant

Property professionals  struggle to maintain consistent levels of productivity and efficiency when they are spending a substantial portion of their time with general management and other tasks that are better suited for a personal assistant. Hiring an in-house PA or doing the work yourself isn’t cost effective and significantly affects the growth of your business. […]

Samantha Cruickshank chats to us about her AVirtual experience

About the Business Owner Name: Samantha Cruickshank Company: LSS – Language Service Specialists Location: Newbury, UK Website: Facebook: Twitter:   What does your business do? We are a network of freelance language tutors providing tuition and language clubs from nursery to retirement.     What is the most important thing to keep track of […]

6 ways Independent Financial Advisor’s can outsource to a virtual PA

You studied to be an Independent Financial Advisor so you could provide professional financial advice, not to sit at your desk doing administration. A virtual personal assistant can massively help to reduce your personal workload and give you more time to focus on the important aspects of growing your business. Outsourcing a virtual PA is […]

How to master the art of delegation

All the best leaders know how to delegate. They understand that their skills and time are limited so rather than fighting against it, they work with it. They play to their strengths and the expertise of their employees to optimise productivity. But it’s easier said than done. Most of us, to a degree, fear letting […]

AVirtual Contributor Questionnaire: Natasha Collins

Natasha Collins Job Position: Managing Director Company: NC Real Estate When did you join AVirtual? Summer 2016 What made you decide to hire a virtual PA? I needed help, a support system. As the admin of my business started taking off I needed someone on the ground whilst I went out and continued to spread […]

How your virtual assistant can make your personal life easier

Most professionals work at least five days a week for an average (on paper) of 8 hours a day, which in reality is much closer to 9 or 10. That leaves very little room for personal life management. The way it tends to go is the more you focus on your career, the more your […]

Are you Dangerously Addicted to Multi-Tasking?

Our brains are more hyperactive than ever before. So fast is the speed at which we are demanded to operate that we start doubling up our focus; brushing teeth whilst answering emails, driving the kids to school whilst on a conference call, reading the news whilst on a cross trainer, thinking about strategies whilst eating […]