Virtually Impossible not to Love – An AVirtual PA Experience

Virtually impossible not to love. A phrase coined by one of our virtual PA’s; Carrie Hickman. We took this opportunity to find out more about Carrie’s experience as one of our executive assistants and systems coaches at AVirtual. We asked her some questions and this is what she had to say.     Why did you […]

Life of being a Virtual Personal Assistant

Living in Cape Town, working in London My client FaceTime’s me as he’s walking over Hammersmith Bridge in London. It’s our daily check-in, a brief run-through of his calendar and a quick overview of his imminent travel plans. Shadows flit across his face as he moves from one end of the bridge to the other. […]

Collective Thoughts: A conscious effort into pausing consciousness

  Cutline Collective Co-founder, Nefeli on Why We Should Be Proud of What We Achieve in a Single Day   Every one is busy. If one isn’t busy, one tries to be busy. If you’re not busy and are an everyday human living as part of this society then you must, absolutely try your best […]