Partnership programs

AVirtual is the leading provider of professional virtual PAs, social media and business support functions to small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups in the UK. Each year we onboard over 150 new clients and match them to assistants who help them transform their businesses and lives.

To manage this growth, we carefully select between 40 and 50 new assistants each year. We are extremely picky. We decline 200 applications for each assistant we accept. We then run an intensive 5-day training program face to face or virtually, which is followed by 10 days of new client onboarding and
supported 24/7 by our client services team, IT support desk, digital marketing team and other core business functions.

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Why become
an AVirtual Partner

Become an Avirtual Partner
and never look back!

partnership programs | AVirtual


Most Affordable Rates in the Market with a positive return in your first year

partnership programs | AVirtual


We will be with you every
step of the way

partnership programs | AVirtual

Training and Coaching

Over the last 5 years we have trained over 200 PAs so we know what we are doing.