How To Achieve Inbox Zero

Did you know that notifications – whether they be from your cell phone, laptop, or tablet –elicit a stress response in your body? Each time your device beeps or you see a notification pop on your screen, a stress hormone called cortisol is released into your body. Too much of this hormone can lead to […]

Understanding the Life Cycle Stage of Your Business

The second that brilliant business idea forms inside your head, your business enters a framework known as the life cycle stage of your business. The life cycle stage of your business is made up of five stages which your business will most likely go through as it matures. Much like life itself, each stage has […]

How to Identify New Business Opportunities in 2022

The year has reached an end, and while we faced many challenges getting here, we can – with full confidence – state that we are looking forward to the year to come. Of course, 2021 left its mark on us and we learnt many lessons from the benefits of time, to have that little bit […]

How To Tell When Outsourcing Makes Sense

Just thinking about outsourcing any one of your business functions already means that you have the best interests of your business and your life in mind. And here is a blog we’ve recently posted about 17 tasks you can delegate. And while many businesses try to run independently, the struggle behind the scenes is real. […]

7 Ways to Fall in Love With Work Again

Every small business owner remembers the honeymoon period – that time when work feels exciting and every challenge is exhilarating. Unfortunately, the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic has many entrepreneurs looking longingly at the exit sign. Nothing squelches the fire of that honeymoon phase like worrying about your family, your health, your financial security, your […]

Asking For Help When You Need It: How To Hire People Temporarily

We know that as a business owner it can be difficult to ask for help. It may feel like you’re admitting defeat or that you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur. The truth, however, is quite the opposite. Effective entrepreneurs know when to ask for help, even if it means hiring someone temporarily to […]

Yes, You Can Take Time Off This Festive Season (and Here’s Why You Should)

The festive season is upon us, and we know that the end of the year is absolute chaos. Wrapping up work deadlines, the holiday season rush, and trying to juggle your work-life balance may make taking time off seem impossible.    We tend to think that taking time off is selfish, especially when we have […]

How to Balance Work and Play in the Final Stretch of 2021

As 2021 winds down and the world slowly returns to some semblance of normality post-pandemic, it’s hard for some of us to go back to a world where work stayed at work and home stayed at home. For many of us, strict lockdown restrictions threw that separation out the (office) window, throwing efficient time management […]

How To Be An Agile Leader

According to experts in the leadership and management field, agile leadership is really about applying the principles of agility to your management style to create an environment that is suited for agile teamwork and to help to shape an agile organisation. The concept of agile leadership isn’t a new one. The agile workstyle stems from […]

Why We Need to Disconnect More – and Some Tips for Getting It Right

As a business owner, it’s quite possible that you wear a lot of hats. As a result, you may find yourself needing to be ‘always on’ so that people can reach you at any time. You may also not want to switch off and unplug completely for fear that you miss something important or lose […]